MY COMPASS to a balanced and joyful life it through understanding and embracing the Challenges I’ve had and continue to have in life. Knowing that self-destructive adjectives like good or bad do not serve my highest good. They are simply words I call my magical compass. They assist me to stay on track. I believe with all my heart that I’m being guided and supported by people, places, and things and all is happening right on time. Yoga, Meditation, and a balanced and healthy lifestyle is my gateway to this never ending delicate dance we call LIFE. I’m a seeker of truth and knowledge and have a deep desire to help and inspire others to embrace all of who they are. It’s through yoga, meditation, and a daily ritual of prayer and gratitude awareness which sets my day in motion. After 850 plus hours of Yoga Teacher Trainings, I’ve come to realize I’ve been practicing yoga and meditation since age 8yrs young. Growing up with a deadbeat dad {broken family} and a diet of processed foods and loads of sweets and a sad state of mind, I knew there was a better way to live and think. All this changed when I decided to change my diet, start a fitness program and change my negative attitude at the ripe age of 12. Luckily, I have a wild imagination and a crazy way of self-disciple which carried me to another world of magical possibilities.

I have been teaching yoga, stretch, and fitness classes off and on since the 80’s. Currently, I teach private yoga fusion classes incorporating hatha, restorative, yin yoga, breathe work, and aroma therapy.   

I studied under Don and Amba Stapleton founders of Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica, and Ananda Expanding Light in Nevada City. Studied Thai massage at The Old Medicine Hospital in Chiang Mai, Thailand. My love for Aroma Therapy is also incorporated in my practice. My certification as a registered Aroma Therapist took place at StillPoint Aromatics in Sedona, AZ.  

Yoga and Retreats: You will experience many options of yoga and stretch movements while incorporating affirmations and meditation in your practice. You’re encouraged to go at your own pace and know you will be supported along your journey in a wonderful and nurturing environment. All this is topped off with some heavenly scents of wild crafted and or organic aroma therapy blends. Retreat are held in a nurturing and beautiful environment limited to small groups of 10 people or less. You will experience exercises as mild or challenging as you choose, meditation, aroma therapy, sacred ceremony of letting go, delicious healthy meals, cooking and or food preparation classes and loads of wonderful surprises!